a tiny simple web content management system      

a tiny simple web content management system

or why you might consider using tinySimple for your next (minor) website


tinySimple CMS is a tiny simple no-nonsense web content management system
usable for personal homepages and minor organisational/commercial websites.

tinySimple is easy to set up, and fairly simple to use.

basic principles

tinySimple control panel

tinySimple control panel

on-page editing
•  instead of working in a separate back-end system,
the user works directly on the page she wants to change

easily customized web design
•  CSS-styles can be set for a single page or the whole site
in a simple to use styles editor

metadata separated from content
•  separating metadata (title, headers, keywords etc.) from
the content body ensures better search engine performance
•  as well as promoting a more structured approach
to content creation and editing

•  installing a system that doesn't require a database is simpler
•  backing up/restoring files is simpler
than doing ditto on a database
•  files are optionally stored via FTP or direct file writing

plug and play
•  simple to install
•  applicable in most common web hotels


tinySimple doesn't aspire to 'save the world' web-publishing-wise.
   It only supports a flat navigational hierarchy – a front page and number of pages right below that
– so if you need a system that supports sub pages deeper than level one, this is not the place to go.
   Nor does it support blogging, forums, tag clouds, or any other kind of rich social (or just plain fancy)
features – nor will it in any kind of near future.